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Tonight was the mid-season finale! Here are my thoughts.

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After a week off, Smallville is back! I was quite excited for this episode. Here are my thoughts.

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At least this week I can watch Smallville when it airs, instead of waiting until later. Here are my thoughts.

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After stalling for a bit, I finally saw 'Ambush'. Here are my thoughts! :)

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Another Friday, another Smallville. This week, I made sure not to have any plans so I could watch it live. Here's what I thought.

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The one good thing about my internet being down is that I finally got around to seeing ‘Isis’. It is hard to top ‘Homecoming’, as far as epicness goes but I heard good things about this episode too, so I wasn’t too worried when I watched.

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After 'Supergirl' disappointed me last week (even with my already low expectations for that particular episode), I was hoping this week would be better. Especially since I had high hopes for 'Homecoming', after the TV Guide trailer. I was actually a little sad to be on the west coast today, and I had to seriously avoid seeing spoilers on Twitter. But I made it through and I saw the episode.

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There was new Smallville tonight, as you all know. I saw it and here are my thoughts!

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Another Friday, another Smallville!

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So I finished season 9 today, with 30 mins to spare. I swear, I watched 8 episodes today. It was intense. But it was also worth it, because I was ready for season 10. It's my first episode review in a year and a half. Don't expect much.

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This episode was hyped up, people speculating about the deaths for months. Was it worth it?

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So after being completely disappointed with 'Beast', I have to say I wasn't expecting much this episode. What I was really looking forward to was that Tom Welling was directing. Some of the episodes he has directed before have landed on my favorites list (e.g. 'Hydro', 'Apocalypse') so a part of me can't help but keep my fingers crossed.

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So there was a new episode this week and I watched it at home, since that's where I am this weekend. My flight was delayed so I thought I wouldn't make it in time but apparently I was meant to see it and I got into the earlier flight. Was it worth it?

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I was a bit apprehensive about this episode so I decided to keep my expectations low, just like I did with 'Hex'. It worked then.

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