Friends with Benefits

Mar. 23rd, 2017 09:31 pm
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Words: 226, Chapters: 1/10, Language: 中文

Pinch Hit #1

Mar. 23rd, 2017 07:28 pm
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Pinch hit behind the cut. Comment here to claim. All comments will be screened.

PH #1: Original Trilogy, TFA, KOTOR, EU )


Mar. 23rd, 2017 08:25 pm
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1. Turns out my property taxes are, in fact, taken-care-of by the mortgaging institution and therefore not my problem.

2. My mother gave me the Hamiltome! I gave it to her last year for her birthday and she finally finished reading it and passed it along to me. I am so happy to have it and am reading it bit by bit.

3. I finally located the beeping smoke detector. (It was in the garage.) My house is no longer intermittently beeping.

4. I don't have to work tomorrow night, which is a rarity. I get the evening off!

5. I am watching the new Netflix reboot of Voltron with Zaphod, and am totally digging it. I think it's my favorite thing he's watched since Avatar. It's fun to have something that we actually both enjoy, to watch while we cuddle on the couch.
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A selection of intense videos about impulse, control, and the nature of the bestial and the diabolical.


Sail by iamnotrobin
Take Me To Church by BeverleyDawn
Control by Lelianna
if somebody hurts you by KatrinDepp
Running Up That Hill by Solar
Devil's Gonna Get You by WinterPhantom
Devil's Backbone by Lelianna
Into the Shadows by MinimalistVideos
Paint It Black by PaulRichens
Railroad Track by queenxnymeria
Control by kinglecter
Lay Me To Sleep by Lelianna
Control by NikitaRahman
Become the Beast by SilverChaos
Towards Dawn We Run by thornsneedles

Fics: I (under 5k), II (under 10k), III (under 20k), IV (killer AUs), V (under 20k), VI (supernatural AUs), VII (overview), VIII (under 25k);
Vids: Smooth Mix, Jolly Mix, Mesmerizing Mix, Loose Mix, Meditative Mix, Gourmet Mix, Someone Help Will Graham Mix, Abigail Hobbs Mix, Alana Bloom Mix

REC POST: X-Men: First Class

Mar. 23rd, 2017 11:10 pm
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A self-care fic selection for a better mood: fluff, schmoop, humour, love, magic and adventure.


Sea Change by Red (The end of the semester means Charles is even more the absent-minded professor than his norm. But he's sure he would remember seeing someone like Erik at the laundromat, let alone stealing a pelt.)
Detecting Sound by Unforgotten (It takes Erik and Charles a few makeout sessions to actually get around to sex, but some things are pretty much inevitable when Erik figures out that Charles really likes having his ears front and center.)
Secret Smile by dvs (Erik continues to work at the mansion in his quiet way, but when they catch each other's eyes, Charles sometimes sees a secret smile, a promising glance. It makes Charles want to speed through the day so he can be with Erik all night.)
Call Me by dvs (Erik and Charles - looking for some harmless and uncomplicated fun.)
Evening the Ground* by ikeracity & spicedpiano (After his nervous breakdown last year, Charles is only just starting to adjust to being back in academia. He's tenured, and he sees his psychologist regularly, but he still can't manage to get off the serum which suppresses his telepathy, and sometimes he worries the only thing holding the anxiety at bay is a constant state of mild inebriation. But he's managing. Or, he was, before he met Erik, and an illicit relationship with a student threatened to destroy everything he'd worked so hard to reclaim.)
Continuing Education* by aesc, spicedpiano (To his students, Erik Lehnsherr is despotic and terrifying. To his department head, he’s the brilliant young researcher who abandoned his prestigious job overnight, moving across the country to join MIT’s faculty. But to Charles Xavier, he is a contradiction. As Erik and Charles settle into their new roles as colleagues, their professional rivalry starts to spill over into the personal.)
Love Medley by ikeracity (Charles and Erik have been friends and roommates for two years. They've also, coincidentally, been in love with each other for two years. Neither of them has ever had the courage to admit it to the other, but Erik's new friendship with Magda and an untimely accident forces them to confront their feelings once and for all.)
Mutant Operatives Division by madneto (When Erik stumbles upon an unexpected lead that will put him one step ahead of black market dealer and occultist Sebastian Shaw at last, archaeology professor and Templar enthusiast Charles Xavier is suddenly the only one who can truly help on a quest to find the Holy Grail. And they're forced to pretend to be a married couple as a cover.)
A Toast to the Happy Couple by turtletotem (Charles needs to get married to get his inheritance; his best friend Erik is the obvious choice. Erik's straight, but it's all pretend anyway; of course he can keep seeing other people during their sham marriage. It would be just silly for Charles to be jealous.)
One Second and a Million Miles by madneto (Between being a parent to the best baby in the history of man-kind and co-running a Mutant Center in Hell's Kitchen, Erik Lehnsherr has his hands pretty full. Too full, certainly for romance; something that has never really been on his radar to begin with. All that changes, however, when he meets Dr. Charles Xavier. Handsome, intelligent, capable, kind, an Omega level telepath, and one of the best pediatricians in the state, he's everything Erik didn't know he was looking for. But he's also Lorna's pediatrician which means, of course, he's off-limits.)
Vampires Are Nerds by madneto (Charles is brilliant, funny, passionate, handsome, and every other good adjective Erik can think of, and even though they've only been on three dates, Erik is convinced this is the start of something perfect. Then Charles has a bad reaction to the food Erik cooks for them on their fourth date, leaving Erik to wonder if maybe he's completely botched his one chance at true love.)
Into the Jungle by madneto (Ever since he can remember, Erik's always been different from the rest of his family. He's tried to fit in, encouraged by his mother and his friends, but Logan, the troop's silverback, has never acknowledged him as one of their own. Still, Erik is determined to become the best ape ever, until one day, strangers arrive in the jungle. Strangers that look just like Erik.)

X-Men: Alternate Timeline Movies: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19 (♥), Part 20, Part 21,Part 22, Adventure, Fantasy & Fairy Tale Vol.1, Adventure, Fantasy & Fairy Tale Vol.2, Adventure, Fantasy & Fairy Tale Vol.3, Alpha/Beta/Omega special, Angels & Werewolves special, Clock-, Steam- and Teslapunk, Crime & Mystery special, Crossover & Fusion special, D/s themes, Deluxe Historical Special, Another Historical Special, Fauns & Satyrs & Centaurs, Space Romance, Prometheus special, WIP

Applied for the thing

Mar. 23rd, 2017 03:11 pm
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They will only be contacting those who have been selected for an interview. So depressing. Well, let it be said here first: if I don't hear by May 1, I didn't get it. It is written.

The Cycle of History

Mar. 23rd, 2017 04:28 pm
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016, 3:06 AM, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr watch the US election results, and Erik gets the chance to gloat.

Words: 796, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

what is the opposite of a fashionista

Mar. 23rd, 2017 04:31 pm
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Lately I'm realizing that just as I occupy a space much nearer to the food-is-fuel end (but not at the end) of the gourmet spectrum than the, well, gourmet end, I occupy a space much nearer to the gimme-shelter end of the fashion spectrum than the fashionable end.

What do I mean by this? One of the things I mean is that I have a closet and a dresser full of clothes, and even if we separate out those that don't fit (or don't fit right now, my preferred way of describing them) and then of the ones that fit (right now) we separate out those that are clearly special-occasion or limited-use items - even after all that, if you consider the everyday-able items that fit right now, I only routinely use probably a quarter of what's there. Estimating very generously.

It's hard to find time at the moment to go through and get rid of things I don't use. (It's even harder to consider things that don't fit [right now] and admit that I might well not ever use them if they did fit and harder still to admit that they might never fit again.) Even if I didn't have a four-month-old occupying most of my waking attention the task would be daunting. But sometimes I think what I really want is to clear it all out, all of it,* and begin again with the capsuliest of capsule wardrobes. (Note: What I am about to describe is not the capsuliest wardrobe ever imagined, not by a long shot. But for me?)

  • Blue jeans. Three or four pairs.
  • Leggings. Maybe three or four each in black, charcoal, a good navy blue, and a nice plummy purple.
  • Work-appropriate tops and skirts. About half a dozen of each. Ditto colors - black, grey, navy, plum.
  • Couple of sweaters for colder work days.
  • Weekend tops. Scoop or v-neck too-casual-for-work t-shirts would be okay, or I could revert to printed t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. These, I have. I tend not to wear the t-shirts because I'm in a place in my life where crew necks kind of throttle me and I'm not bananas about the boxy shape. I bet even printed t-shirts can be altered, though. If one cares enough to do it.
  • A small number of dresses that are dressier than the tops-and-skirts-possibly-with-leggings combos that can be made from the leggings, tops, and skirts already named.
  • Underwear: some bras, each with let's say three pair of matching knickers.
  • Socks: some solid black but otherwise stripes, other fun novelty designs, or handknits.
  • Footwear: one pair each Tieks flats, Mahabis slippers, Hunter welly boots. Some sort of hiking boot for the icy snow we get around here. Sambas? Converse? Dress shoes to go with the dressier dresses named earlier, but not as many dress shoes as I have now.
  • Outerwear: one each light, medium, and heavy coats. I'd probably allow myself to knit as many hats and scarves as I wanted.
  • Nighttime: two sets each jammies or similar for warm/hot and cool/cold weather.

I already make so few choices about getting dressed, I mean; having this level of streamlining would (I often think) make me feel a lot better because there'd be fewer choices even available to me - so I wouldn't ever feel like I ought to be choosing something different. Plus someone else could be using most or all of this stuff that's been in the back of my closets and drawers all this time. That's really the worst of it; my guilt exists on two levels, one being that the contents of my closet and drawers and shoe rack represent a lot of money and not using these things feels like I've just lit thousands of dollars on fire because it burns so pretty - and the other being that well, shit, at least that fire could be keeping someone else warm, couldn't it.

The shoes will be the hardest to cull, sunk cost-wise. But I need to try on all my shoes and make sure if they fit post-baby anyway; if they don't, there's even less point in keeping them. Clothes that don't fit right now, at least part of my brain tells me there is the possibility I will one day be a size 10 again. (Will I at that time choose to wear what I chose to wear last time I was a size 10? My brain prefers to duck that question.) That is, clothes that don't fit right now don't fit for soft-body-part reasons. Shoes that don't fit right now don't fit for bone reasons, and I don't think the bones are going back.

It's a bit mercenary, but I sort of feel like I should do this cull and then haul the stuff I'm not keeping to a consignment shop first - not that anything I have is at all high fashion (nor has ever been, so don't be thinking "retro" or anything), but wouldn't that be a way to make back some cash on the whole operation? And then take what a consignment shop doesn't want to the Goodwill or similar?

I mean I need to do something. Every time I go in my closet, my self-loathing grows and multiplies. Somebody help.

* I get to keep my wedding dress and a small number of other sentimental items even if I straight up have no intention to use them ever again.

Because it might help to know

Mar. 23rd, 2017 08:01 pm
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that it's NOT just awesome people dying lately:

The New York Times: Joseph Nicolosi, Advocate of Conversion Therapy for Gays, Dies at 70

From five years ago, here's an account of the sort of damage he did (content note for suicidal ideation):

Gabriel Arana: My So-Called Ex-Gay Life

A day that started far too early

Mar. 23rd, 2017 06:57 pm
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Meedja people wanted to film an interview with me in Former Place Of Work: this was supposed to happen next Monday, and ended up being today, this morning, before the facilities open to the public. (Greatly tempted to send The Famous Shirt on its own to do the job.) They did lay on a car to take me there. There was not a great deal of faffing about before we got to the, you know, actual interviewing.

This went fairly well, though I always suspect meedja luvvies to rave insincerely: this may be unfair.

I was fairly knackered after this, but yesterday I had an email from someone who wanted to discuss matters of mutual research interest, and was going to be visiting the Library today, so I said, could do coffee, or lunch, and we had a fairly intense and wide-ranging discussion of research over an extended lunch.

And when I got back to my desk, there was an enquiry from Another Meedja Person about a thing they're researching which is one that has (according to me) already been Done to Death, and they were very vague about what sort of angle they might be taking. But I thought I should at least get in a reply politely indicating that It's Been Done.

And then I came home, fully intending to rest for a bit and then go out again to the gym, but could not bring myself to leave the house again.

But at least I think I have done a fair amount of communicating Mi Learninz to people at various different levels today.

(no subject)

Mar. 23rd, 2017 01:36 pm
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Fellow Nikita people:

Crap, looks like the Split Personality archive is down. Anyone know anything about it? I mentioned AO3's Open Doors a few times to...someone. Probably not ranma. I wonder if there's any way to reconstruct it or get it saved by AO3 without the original owner.

Water Festival!

Mar. 23rd, 2017 01:56 pm
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As [personal profile] soc_puppet pointed out in the comments of yesterday's post, PokeGo is hosting an in-game water festival until March 29 1PM PDT.

Which means you'll have increased chances of catching water pokemon at this time. And maybe even a lapras!

Official announcement here.

Audiobook recommendations?

Mar. 23rd, 2017 11:01 am
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Of course everything always happens at once: medical emergencies; going to Tahoe with the California family; a Silicon Valley conference I was sponsored for.

As for the latter -- for braving 15,000 hours of commute -- I absolutely need engaging audiobook (iTunes / iBooks) recommendations.

Can you help? Things I like:

- Mystery & suspense & thrillers,
- Genre,
- Queerness (but that's not a prerequisite; I just cannot deal with unhealthy heterosexual role dynamics).

Things I don't like:
- Any type of family quarrel or issue,
- Violence against women or queer people or disabled people,
- Too many technical descriptions, battles, or fight scenes; I just don't care (this is sometimes a sci-fi problem).

To pad this, I've recently listened to Sarah Waters' Fingersmith, which was fantastic; I've listened to Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter, which was well-written enough but full of rape, violence against women and queer and disabled people (I wish I were kidding); and I'm listening to Transformed by Suzanne Falter & Jack Harvey, which is entertaining but hardly compelling (the "Society Domme" is just not working for me).

The God King

Mar. 23rd, 2017 01:30 pm
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En Sabah Nur rules a vast and mighty empire from the great city of Memphis, revered by his subjects as The God King. Now, after long years and many lifetimes he has finally found a worthy Consort; one who will grow to stand tall by his side, beautiful and terrible to behold, and strike fear in the hearts of all mortal men.

Words: 2160, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English


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