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Mar. 26th, 2017 09:23 am
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Accidental mini-hiatus happened - I've still been catch up reading periodically, but tend to be very comment-not when I read in a big chunk like that, but if you've been making Important Posts I am here and lurking and thinking of/cheerleading/hugging you all.

Accidental because my entire reason and excuse is - SPRING! I remain endlessly fascinated by the seasons changing here and I am just agog with sunshine and flowers and suddenly I woke up one day and the world looked a little different. :D :D :D I am relishing the sunlight but already kinda missing the colder temperatures? To my great surprise? 10-15 degrees feels oddly comfy to me now (what even with the super fast acclimatisation body) and the idea of summer now slightly fills me with dread.

Dot points of me right now:
  • I have been cooking up a storm including refreshing my decade old super rusty fish filleting skills and it's been oh so fun. I really need to make some recipe posts here...

  • reading not as much as I'd like but using my kindle more yay, also signed up for kindle unlimited to give myself a kick in the butt... so any kindle unlim recs you may have feel free to throw my way!

  • I seem to have stalled myself out writing wise with fic exchanges, which is... strange and weird for me. I guess I don't normally have oodles of personal ideas I want to write at the same time, so I've never understood why challenges stall some people out and for all the times I've looked confusedly at someone for complaining about this phenomena I apologise wholeheartedly. *pokes the muse forlornly*

  • I finally ordered some candles online, cause online shopping is exceedingly superior here oh my god, and they are gorgeous and glorious. May still end up begging for Dusk care packages from home when my birthday rolls around, but I am amply tided over (thank you [personal profile] dolorosa_12 for the rec!)

  • actually considering doing some gardening. For those that don't know me in RL: this is strange and weird but I may embrace it. I wanna grow heeeeerbs.

  • this will mean nothing to most/all of you, but I just locked down trades for TWO 2g Prizes on Dragcave (which are hard to get just one of let alone two in quick succession, and I never thought I'd get one at all except for my single 2g gifted to me by a truly generous Prize owner last year) and I am LITERALLY BOUNCING WITH JOY omg.

  • Everytime I see someone talk positively or neutrally about Iron Fist I am filled with genuine, frustrated rage.

  • Everytime I see someone talk about Trump and healthcare I am filled with exceeding amounts of glee (congrats on successfully resisting! US folks reading this, the rest of the world is super proud of you right now.)

  • if not sooner then I should be around more in a week or two once I'm over the worst of this writing crunch. But as always PM/email/comment pokes and hellos are welcome if I've missed something important.


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