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Hey flist! Sorry I've been such a bad LJ-friend lately. I do have your posts saved ... but I've been so busy spamming over at [ profile] cw_land that I haven't been commenting much. Forgive me? I'll be back to normal tomorrow! Promise!

Anyway, onto my positive meme!

Day 25:

I saw two of my friends today, one that I hadn't seen since April! It was really nice to get together and catch up. We went for coffee and since it was cold outside, it was nice to be inside with warm drinks.

Thanks to the spamming, I found this video of Jared telling a story about Tom Welling. I would pay good money to have seen that!

It's Daylight Savings so I gained an hour today. Though it really should be in the Spring, since it gets dark early enough as it is.

I have to get back to spamming so I'm leaving this short and sweet. Take care! :)
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Hey all! It's the fourth day of my positive meme. :)

Day 4:

It's sunny outside! Yesterday, it was raining and it was gloomy in the morning so I was not thrilled that it was getting colder already, but by midday it became warmer.

Even though it's Monday, I only had two classes, which meant I was done at 12:40. Yes, I have studying to do but at least I still got to come home with light traffic and have most of my day left.

I was exchanging comments with someone over at Bingo in one of my landcomms. She gave up on Smallville years ago and I think I inspired her to catch up! Hopefully she doesn't hate me when she watches s7 but at least I warned her in advance. :D

As always, I have something to pimp for you: over at DW, [community profile] ladiesbigbang is hosting Round 1.5. Sign-ups end on the 20th, but you can still participate even if you don't sign-up! Sign-ups are for people who want their fanworks considered for complement claiming. As long as you send something in by Dec 1st, you're good.

Now, I have a friending meme for you all!

That's it for now! Take care! :D
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More of my positive meme.

Day 3:
I got to see two of my friends today and we went to lunch. We tried Ethiopian food, which I've never had, and it ended up actually being pretty good.

Though I missed both football games, as they weren't airing in my area, the Patriots (my sister's team) and the Saints (my team) both won their games today.

So far, 20 people have signed up for the [profile] svgiftxchange! And it's only been two day! Hopefully more people continue to sign up, but I'm happy right now.

Ooh, I have something to pimp for the Undercovers fans on my flist. There's a commentathon going on! Those of you who aren't watching, you should. It's a fun show and I feel like it's been improving already. Click on the banner to check it out!

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Another day of my positive meme. :)

Day 2:

Smallville makes me happy! I'm still smiling because of the yesterday's episode. I watched a whole bunch of the clips again today. What? I was showing it to my sister! It makes a lot of sense. Really. :)

I got a Bingo over at one of my landcomms. That was nice. Yes, I'm easily pleased.

Also, I am thinking of making rec list ... the fics I've bookmarked have gotten kind of long. I do enjoy making these lists.

Someone posted a Clark/Oliver friendship fic, based off the interview scene in 'Homecoming'. Read it here. I was longing for one of those and my wish came true! :D

Ooh, and I have a meme that I got from [ profile] bradygirl_12:

Pick six of my icons that you most closely associate with me, and I will be happy to tell you their stories.

Post this meme if you like in your own journal.

I hope you're all having a good weekend! And if you haven't signed up over at [ profile] svgiftxchange, go do so now! And PLEASE REMEMBER TO PIMP! :D


Oct. 15th, 2010 03:53 pm
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I got this meme from [ profile] acoustics1220.

It's simple: 30 days of positive. Post ONE positive thing every day for 30 days.

Day 1:
Hmm ... it's Friday! I don't have class, which is nice. I love law school, but I am totally not a morning person and I got to sleep in today.

Sign-ups for [ profile] svgiftxchange opened and people are signing up! That makes me VERY happy. You guys have no idea how excited I am. [ profile] lonekitty was also awesome and made some new banners, which are 100x better than the ones I had. :D

Oh, guys, I need a favor. If you are in a Smallville-related comm where I haven't pimped it out, can you do so for me? I don't want to join a bunch of comms just to post it and I would love to see a wide variety of people signing up. I'm really looking for anybody who's in Lex/Clex, Lana, or Chloe-centric comms.

There are a lot of banners here, with codes already provided! You just need to copy/paste! Thanks in advance and please make sure that it's not against the rules. I don't want anyone getting in trouble because of me. :)


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