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All right, I want to finish the SV meme before the finale starts, so I'm going to do two of the alt ones per day so I can get there. Btw, I am really enjoying s9! Saw through 'Roulette', 'Crossfire', and 'Kandor' today. For those of you follow me on Twitter, I apologize for spamming you! I liked Ollie in Kandor. Why can't Clark & Oliver's relationship always be like that? Though it did help reignite my Clark/Ollie love/muses. ;)

Speaking of Clark/Ollie, I'm glad I have them. Whenever there's drama, they're my happy place. (And I'd avoid Twitter for those of you who want to stay in a good mood). My newest plan is to ignore the haters. They can be as nasty as they want, but really, all it shows is how desperate they've become. Their words, while sad and disgusting, can't and won't change the show. It won't change what's happened and what will continue to happen. I've come to a calm happy place when dealing with fandom and I won't let them pull me out of it. It's what led to me leaving the first time, and I'm not going anywhere anymore. I like that I can say this with a smile on my face (even though you can't see me, just trust me when I say I'm smiling).

Now that I've had my little rant, I'm going on with the meme!

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Another of the alt!days for the Smallville meme.

- Character that died too soon

I would say Jimmy, but he shouldn't have died at all, so I'll go with another character that I liked, and wished had stuck around longer.

Raya, from 6.01 'Zod' and 6.06 'Fallout'. Yes, I know that it's random, but I really liked her character, and it was a shame she died at the end of 'Fallout'. I would've liked to see her in another episode.

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sv meme!

Sep. 7th, 2010 10:44 pm
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All right, now that I'm done with the 30 days, I'm moving on to the replacement ones. I'm going randomly. :)

favorite reveal of The Secret

I'll have to go with Lois in 'Infamous'. I love how he was all, "I'm the red blue blur" and she was like, "LMAO, yeah, right." Next to Jimmy's awe, that was the best reaction ever. Sure it didn't stick, but I think it still counts. And then the scene that played out after, with Clark lifting the desk, Lois's expression and then him catching her ... love it! I like how they had the whole "I guess I can't call you Smallville anymore", from 'Blank'. At least Lois is consistent in her reactions! Some the scenes in that episode were a little 'meh', especially since Tori Spelling is a terrible actress and annoying as hell, but after the disasters that was 'Power' and 'Requiem', it was nice to see Lois on my screen. She really does make things better.

Though the 'Salvation' kiss is a close second! Lois and her kiss identifying skills are &hearts

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All right, I'm finally at Day 30 of the SV Meme! Though I'm definitely going to do the alternates too so I guess it's technically not over yet, lol.

Day 30- Memory of your first time watching Smallville

I don't remember everything, but I do know that my sister had started watching the show. I remember asking her what she's watching and not really being all that impressed with the concept. Then again, she wasn't a huge Superman fan so it's not like she could explain it properly either. I vaguely remember two of my friends mentioning this show but it never really stuck.

But once I actually watched an episode, I was really interested. Of course, I thought Tom Welling was super hot. The first episode I watched was somewhere in s4 (don't ask me which one, I don't remember), but that's all it took to hook me. The rest is history. :)

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All right, I'm way behind on this meme, I know. So I'm posting Days 24-29 in this post. :)

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And another day with the SV Meme! Just so you know, I'm totally starting a 30 Day Female Character Meme soon. I got it from [personal profile] sunnytyler001. :D

Day 23- Favorite minor character (i.e. only been in 1-3 episode)

There have been quite a few guest characters that I liked, like Maddie, in 'Fragile'. Clark with kids is always great. Which is actually how I ended up deciding.

Ryan! His death broke my heart, as well as Clark's. I loved him in the episodes he was in, and I liked the bond between him and Clark.

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Another day of my Smallville meme.

Day 22- Best Quote

Okay, I can't pick just one! So I'll go with a few that I liked:

"I stand for truth, justice, and ... other stuff."
Clark Kent, 1.18 "Drone"

"I am the villain of the story!"
Alexander, 4.17 "Onyx"

“When I was zipping across the street taking that punk down…I felt like myself again, you know. Because that’s who I am. Not the party boy who runs off on his lost rum-soaked weekends. I’m not the multi-national corporate titan, that’s not me. Underneath it all the person I am is Green Arrow.”
Oliver, 8.07 "Identity"

These were the ones that really stood out in my head. There are a lot of conversations that I love, but when I was narrowing it down to just a couple, these particular quotes won out over the rest. :)

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Since I missed yesterday for my 30 Day Meme, I'm doing two today.

Day 20- OMG WTF?! Moment

Just one? But there are so many like that! Especially that stupid kiss at the end of 'Power', with Clana on the DP rooftop, totally stealing a Clois spot. Also, that Clark/Lionel hug in s7 also was "WTF" worthy. But I went a different direction.

It's from 6.22 "Phantom". Maybe it's not the most biggest WTF moment, but I was going "????". I mean, Clana kissing while her wedding ring is right there? I just ... no. I'm sorry, she's still married. It was not a sweet moment at all. BECAUSE SHE'S STILL MARRIED. Maybe I'm the only one who has a problem with it, but I really don't like Clark kissing a married woman. :\

Day 21- Your guilty pleasure ship

I can't help it! Cassidy has chemistry with all the women, but Lois was the first one. I loved that french maid costume scene. The way she brushed her collar, the looks she gives Lois, and just the chemistry ... can you blame me for shipping them?

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I love the 30 Day memes. It's a great way to procrastinate. ;)

Day 19- Funniest Moment

Before s8, I probably would've said the entire episode of 'Spirit', especially the part where Martha was possessed and her scene with Clark & Lois.

But since I have seen s8, I have to go with 'Hex', especially when Clark thinks he's just a normal person. Tom Welling has such great comedic timing and I wish that they let him use it more. His expression when he calls 911 and the whole DP scene with Chloe!Lois, especially the rooftop part killed me. And I love Clark quoting Lois's rules. SO cute and yet really funny. I honestly couldn't stop laughing. I still get entertained when I rewatch that episode. :D

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Day 18- Best Friendship

Chloe/Clark may be the popular answer but it's not mine. I did enjoy it, but I've had a lot of issues with it over the past couple of years (if I'm honest, even parts of s7). So I went for another friendship that I adore.

Anyone who knows me should know how much I adore the Chlo-Lo relationship. Erica and Allison had chemistry from that first scene in s4. Their hug was just so natural and they just took off from there. They're another reason I always say season 4 is my favorite. It was when we had the best Chlo-Lo. I love that Lois gave Chloe advice back in 'Pariah', when Alicia showed her the secret. She was so awesome with the way she did that, and it was good solid advice. Oh, yeah, let's not forget the whole "welcome to the bullpen, Ms Lane" back in 'Facade', when Chloe supported Lois going into journalism. See, show? You could've had them both working there just fine! But let's not go there right now. I'm focusing on the positive. Even when s5 was full of painful Clana, Chloe and Lois had some nice scenes.

It's obvious how much they mean to each other. Chloe broke down when she found Lois, stabbed and dead, at the end of s6. Her tears brought Lois back to life! Then, when Chloe went missing, Lois fought to find her and get her back. No offense to Ollie and Clark, but Lois got there first and HER plan was better. She had even infiltrated the facility and was the one who ended up locating Chloe. I was angry that we were gypped a Chlo-Lo scene after that. Chlark got a hug! Why was Lois tasered and forgotten about?

Other than 'Odyssey', s8 had some nice Chlo-Lo moments, even when one of them wasn't around. I loved how Chloe warned Clark about breaking Lois's heart. It was a nice parallel to Lois doing the same thing in s4. I wish the show wouldn't give them scenes only when it's convenient.

Even though Allison won't be around for much of s10, hopefully they give Chlo-Lo a nice sendoff!

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It's Day 17 of my Smallville meme!

Day 17- Worst Villain

I had a tough time with this one, because I am lazy to go back and try to remember which villain was which. So I'm going with one I remember and thought was stupid. Isobel, that witch who possessed Lana? That whole plotline was cracky, even though I still say s4 was my favorite. I know 'Spell' gave us Clark in chains, but other than that, the arc was lame. KK does evil well (which is why I wish the show had let her go darker without justifying all her actions), but whoever thought of this whole idea needs to be smacked over the head. Seriously.

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Now it's Day 16 of the SV Meme!

Day 16- Best Villain

We've had a lot of good villains in Smallville (I often think of Marsters' Brainiac), but there's a reason we call Lionel Luthor the Magnificent Bastard. John Glover did evil so well. And you can talk about how he changed, but even in the middle of season 7, he kidnapped Clark out of his own home and threw him in a kryptonite cage just to save his own ass. He was a terrible father to Lex, playing mind games on his own son. Not only did he kill his own parents for the insurance money, but he killed his own parents. I always knew that Lex would be the one to kill him, but considering how he treated him, he should've seen it coming.

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Okay, it's still Sunday in my time zone so I totally made it!

Day 15- Best comic book hero introduction to Smallville

Are you even surprised? No matter how many issues I've had with Oliver (and trust me, I've had a couple), he's still my favorite comic book hero that they've introduced (though J'onn is probably a very close second, lol!). I didn't know Green Arrow, since I haven't read the comics but my shallow side did appreciate him when I first saw him in 'Sneeze'. I think that his moral ambiguity in the beginning was probably foreshadowing how his character would always be, though I didn't see it that way then. I was just worried he was a bad guy (a hot bad guy but a bad guy nonetheless), and when he flirted with Lois in 'Wither', I wanted to hate him. But he continued to win me over with his good looks and his charm and even his imperfections. No, he's not perfect, and yes, I've wanted to punch him before (if Clark did it, I would forgive him and I think it'd help us both move on!) yet he's human. He has his good days and his bad days and his doubts. And in some ways, his flaws make me appreciate Clark even more, as crazy as that sounds. At the end of the day, I know that Ollie'll come back, and be the character I first fell in love with.

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Day 14 of the SV meme!

Day 14- Worst Character Death

Without a doubt, it's Jimmy in 8.22 'Doomsday'. Or rather, "Henry James". *rolls eyes* I still can't believe they Chlois'd Jimmy! Out of all the changes that SV has made to DCU canon, the problem they had was with Jimmy's age? Seriously? I mean, Jimmy was one of the few character who I actually liked in 'Doomsday' (the others being Clark and Lois). I mean, not only did he save Clark after Ollie decided to be a douchebag and shot him with a kryptonite arrow (FAIL, Oliver, MAJOR FAIL), but when he found out Clark's secret, he wasn't upset that they tricked him in 'Identity'. No, he was supportive and a little in awe.

Sure, I've had my issues with Jimmy but I never wanted him to die. I wished they stopped throwing him in love triangles that didn't make sense for his character and instead, focused on his relationship with both Lois and Clark (like they did in 'Stiletto' and 'Identity').

I don't care what the writers/producers/DC says, Aaron's Jimmy will always be MY Jimmy Olsen. At least on Smallville. :(

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It's day 13 of the SV meme!

Day 13- Most Emotional Scene

Definitely the Clark & Martha scene at the end of season 5.13 'Vengeance'. I mean, I don't cry easily but I was totally tearing up when he was watching the video. And then the hug. My heart just broke for both of them. It was well acted by both Annette and Tom. I liked how he didn't full out cry but that one tear killed me enough. Though the scene from 'Arctic', where Clark's watching the video and Lois comforts him is definitely a runner-up.

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It's Day 12 of the Smallville meme. :)

Day 12- Best Climax

I have to go with the s3 finale, the combination of 3.21 "Forsaken" and 3.22 "Covenant". I mean, you have Clark ending his friendship with Lex and having to go to Jor-El, Chloe's safe house blowing up, Lionel in jail, Lana leaving to Paris, Jonathan unconscious ... I mean, this was back before you knew that whoever died wouldn't stay dead, lol. I mean, I saw this episode on rewatch but I can imagine that if you had been watching it when it first aired, it would've been intense!

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It's Day 11 of my Smallville meme!

Day 11- Favorite story arc

There have been a lot of good ones but since it's favorite and not best, I'll pick the one I love.

The Green Arrow arc in s6! I don't know if that counts as an arc, since it was more than a couple of episodes, but whatever! I know people have issues with Ollie and s6, but I thought the first half was going in the right direction. I love JH and thought they cast Ollie perfectly. Hell, even Lollie was fun. Plus, it seemed that Clark was slowly getting over Lana (until they blew it in the second half). Of course I found my OTP during this arc! ;)

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It's Day 10 of the Smallville meme, which should technically be "Favorite excuse for Clark "disappearing" or appearing out of nowhere" but I honestly couldn't think of one! I mean, I wish it was just favorite Clark excuse because I love that scene in 'Sneeze' when Clark was trying to explain the barn door. "Maybe it fell out of a plane?" Oh, CLARK! &hearts

So I'm replacing it with one of the alternate days.

Day 10- Favorite Shelby scene

The cap is a bit dark, but all the ones I found were that way so I just picked one. Moving on, I love Shelby scenes in general and wish we saw him more often but what really stands out is from 6.12 'Labyrinth', when his barking saved Clark! Shelby's a hero! &hearts

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Back to the SV Meme.

Day 09- Most Heroic Moment/Scene

There have been a lot of heroic moments in Smallville, but I'll go with what I feel is the ultimate one.

*Warnings: spoilers ahead* Without a doubt, that is Clark sacrificing his life in 'Salvation'. I mean, he knew that Zod had to be stopped, and he gave up his own life to ensure that. That's my Superman! &hearts

Day 8!

Aug. 15th, 2010 08:47 pm
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Back to the SV Meme! Sorry I've been spamming today. I guess I have a lot to post, lol. :)

Day 08- Favorite Fight Scene

Though I always have to say I need to catch up with s9, I've been watching bits and clips.

One of those clips was the Clark & Zod fight, which was awesome! What can I say? Everyone was raving over 'Salvation' and I had to take a look at a few of the clips, though I haven't seen the episode as a whole. I don't really know what's going on with the whole Kandorian plot but either, it was intense. And what happened at the end with spoilers here ) The rain made it even better. This was a HUGE improvement from the Clark & Doomsday fight at the end of s8. :)


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