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KSITE's newest poll is for "Best Episode". I had a hard time choosing (even with disasters like 'Requiem' and 'Beast' having made it on the list) but I finally picked 'Identity'. You have until the 15th; so if you're interested, go vote.

Thanks to [personal profile] moonshayde, I found out about this site called Fan Dumb. It's hilarious but it's kind of scary at how many of those can apply to SV fandom.

For Star Trek fans, check out Captain Spork! Isn't it great? :D

Now we're on the Clark Meme. Today's episodes are "Precipice", "Witness", and "Accelerate".

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Back to the Clark Meme! Today's episodes are "Fever", "Rosetta", and "Visitor".

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[ profile] sunshine_hippie is accepting nominations for "Who is the Ultimate HBIC" (Head Bitch in Charge). People nominate characters and other people second the nominations by responding to the original comment. Make sure you check the comments and read the rules because if someone is already on there, you can't nominate them again.

LOIS LANE is the ultimate HBIC

Lois has been kicking ass for 70 years and you know she's the ULTIMATE HBIC! ;D

Now for the Clark Meme! Today's episodes are "Suspect", "Rush" and "Prodigal".

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[personal profile] oxoniensis has opened the Porn Battle VIII for submissions! There are so many prompts and pairings that I'm sure that everyone will find something they like. Since it is hosted on Dreamwidth, the word max is upped to 2750! So those of you who have issues writing drabbles now have more to work with!

It's running until Monday, June 15th, 9 PM UK time. Make sure you read the rules before you post a comment and if you want to reply to someone ele's fic, reply to the comment, not the post. If you're interested, check it out!

Now, we continue with the Clark Meme. Today's episodes are "Skinwalker", "Visage", and "Insurgence".

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I am still enjoying doing this so I hope you're all still having fun seeing it! Today's episodes are "Lineage", "Ryan" and "Dichotic".

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Today's episodes are "Red", "Nocturne", and "Redux".

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So, I was watching TV earlier and since there was nothing else on, I checked out Smallville. "Identity" was airing! I was really excited and I had to watch. Yup, it's still awesome. LOL :D

Anyway, back to the Clark Meme. Today we start s2, with "Vortex", "Heat", and "Duplicity".

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Today, we finish season one with "Crush", "Obscura" and "Tempest"!

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Kryptonsite is having their annual SV awards. Nominations are over and voting has begun. Their first poll is "Best Actor", which is going on until June 5th. Check it out here!

Now we're back to the Clark Meme. I'm also following the new plan, which is posting 3 episodes every day instead of one. So today is "Stray", "Reaper", and "Drone".

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Today's episode is "Nicodemus". I just felt so bad for Clark in this cap ... he was just heartbroken and I wanted to give him a hug. His dad was acting weird, shot him and then just collapsed. Though he still looks rather hot even when he's worried.

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Today's episode is "Zero". I love contemplative Clark. He's so cute and I swear, the LIPS! Plus, light blue shirt FTW! I didn't realize how much we saw the black jacket though. LOL :D

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It's Day 13 of the Clark Meme and today's episode is "Kinetic". I really liked the black jacket/red shirt combo. It's a shame we had to wait until s8 to see that jacket again. Oh well, better late than never! ;D I really love his expression and OMG, his eyes look so blue. :D

Now, for another meme, since I'm addicted to them. I snagged this one from [personal profile] chosenfire28. :D

Give me a character from any fandom you know I know and I will tell you:
a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.
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I'm very happy ... my Lakers won the Western Conference Finals! Now they're going to the NBA Finals! I knew they could do it. They're almost there! :D

Now it's Day 12 of the Clark Meme. I'm still having a lot of fun with this one. Today's episode is "Leech". Remember? The one with Aaron Ashmore's twin brother, Shawn? Yup, that's it. I picked this cap because his expression was just SO adorable! I keep saying that but Clark is just the cutest farmboy ever! &hearts :D


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