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So, on Tumblr, I found an interview with Allison Mack and thought I would repost it here. It's only sound, no video, but she talks about the last day of filming and Erica Durance.

Isn't that cute? Again, I love the SV cast. Plus, the 'Erica and I are good friends' line makes me happy. The whole cast always seemed like one big family and I love it reconfirmed by the actors. :D
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There are new interviews up with Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum and Cassidy Freeman (4 separate ones actually) about the series finale of Smallville. I posted them here, if anyone was interested in taking a watch.

interviews here )

I love the Smallville cast. They're just amazing. All of them. I am going to be a wreck tomorrow, I just know it.
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Thanks to the [ profile] justtomwelling community, I found out that Tom Welling is scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Thursday, May 12th and might be on Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, May 5th.

He's doing interviews! How exciting is that?

I just thought I'd pass on the info to anyone who hadn't heard yet so you can all set your TVs. :D

He will also be doing a radio interview with his wife, Jamie on this radio show (
tomorrow (Wednesday, April 26th) at 6pm. It's a show about horseriding, which apparently his wife is interested in. They will be taking call in questions. If you're brave enough to actually call in, remember that it's Tom's 34th birthday! :D

Yeah, just a short update but I needed to share. :D
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This is a short interview with Erica Durance and Justin Hartley, talking about SV moving to Fridays. I'm not happy about the move but those two are just adorable. I wish it was longer! :D

Thanks to [personal profile] ferdalump for the link! :D

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Here's the second part of Erica's TV Guide interview. The original source is here.

Spoilers )
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I found out that Erica Durance had an interview with TV Guide today.

Interview and KSITE spoilers )


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