Oct. 24th, 2012 06:27 pm
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I was sharing this pic with someone else and I figured you all should see it! I found it on Tumblr here and it amused me.

It's Stephen Amell and Henry Cavill! Oliver and Clark- the new version. We may never see them on screen together but hey, it's something. What can I say? They may not be my beloved JH & TW, but I'll take it. XD

Also, I finally saw the pilot of Arrow, but I'll post my thoughts in a separate entry.
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Thanks to the [community profile] justtomwelling community, I found new pictures of Tom & Justin! Apparently, Tom went to the Hellcats wrap up party and brought Justin along with him. The two of them have also been spotted playing pool Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver. How awesome is that? I love how the Smallville cast seems to get along and it makes me happy when they hang out outside of the show. ♥

Enjoy! :)

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Over on Twitter, @HeyJude012 posted a new picture of Erica Durance. IDK where it's from but all I can say is: Wow.

How does this woman exist? She gets more gorgeous all the time! Definitely my #1 girl crush.
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Here's one more pic from the Smallville 200th episode party that I found on Twitter. It's of the entire cast! Aren't they all pretty?

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Tonight was the Smallville 200th episode party! Twitter was pretty exciting, with all the pictures that were being released of the cast on the red carpet. It was really cool, and everyone looked so happy to see one another! I think it's obvious that they really love each other and are probably one big happy family. &hearts

There's a full gallery HERE. I'm just posting a couple of pics I loved. :)

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