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There are new interviews up with Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum and Cassidy Freeman (4 separate ones actually) about the series finale of Smallville. I posted them here, if anyone was interested in taking a watch.

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I love the Smallville cast. They're just amazing. All of them. I am going to be a wreck tomorrow, I just know it.
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For those of you who don't know, Tom Welling will be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that airs on NBC at 12:35 AM. Sadly, his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel next Thursday has been canceled for reasons unknown but at least he'll be on a talk show tonight! I saw a vid of him leaving the sets after taping, which you can watch here and he looks smooth! :D

Also, for people who don't mind spoilers, more pics of the Smallville finale (which sadly, is named 'Finale' ... WTF show?) are out! [ profile] andreas_ri was awesome and released HQ pics on his LJ, but if you aren't friends with him, I uploaded them all to my Photobucket account, which you can see here. Enjoy!

Even the pics made me all emotional, which means I'm totally going to be a sobbing wreck during the actual episode. I think we Smallville fans need to form a support group, LOL. :D

That's it for now! Take care! :D
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Thanks to the [ profile] justtomwelling community, I found out that Tom Welling is scheduled to be on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Thursday, May 12th and might be on Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, May 5th.

He's doing interviews! How exciting is that?

I just thought I'd pass on the info to anyone who hadn't heard yet so you can all set your TVs. :D

He will also be doing a radio interview with his wife, Jamie on this radio show (
tomorrow (Wednesday, April 26th) at 6pm. It's a show about horseriding, which apparently his wife is interested in. They will be taking call in questions. If you're brave enough to actually call in, remember that it's Tom's 34th birthday! :D

Yeah, just a short update but I needed to share. :D
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Thanks to the [community profile] justtomwelling community, I found new pictures of Tom & Justin! Apparently, Tom went to the Hellcats wrap up party and brought Justin along with him. The two of them have also been spotted playing pool Yaletown Brewing Company in Vancouver. How awesome is that? I love how the Smallville cast seems to get along and it makes me happy when they hang out outside of the show. ♥

Enjoy! :)

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Here's one more pic from the Smallville 200th episode party that I found on Twitter. It's of the entire cast! Aren't they all pretty?

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Tonight was the Smallville 200th episode party! Twitter was pretty exciting, with all the pictures that were being released of the cast on the red carpet. It was really cool, and everyone looked so happy to see one another! I think it's obvious that they really love each other and are probably one big happy family. &hearts

There's a full gallery HERE. I'm just posting a couple of pics I loved. :)

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