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svgurl: (bollywood: priyanka chopra)

svgurl's Journal

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Created on 2009-04-20 23:32:17 (#105831), last updated 2013-09-25 (290 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:California, United States of America
Website:My LJ
About Me:

I'm a 26 year old who is living in California and recently graduated from law school.

This journal will be mostly me talking about my fandom, the main one of which is Smallville, and sometimes about real life. I do lock all real life posts.

Fandoms I'm in: Smallville, Elementary, Suits, Avengers, X-Men First Class, DCU, NCIS, Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Chronicles of Narnia

Ships I love:
SV: Clark/Oliver, Clark/Lois, Clark/Lois/Oliver, Lois/Tess, Lois/Oliver, Oliver/Chloe, Chloe/Tess, Chloe/Bart, Chloe/Jason, Chloe/Lana, Chloe/Lex, Lex/Lana, Lana/Jason, Lana/Tess, AC/Victor

Smallville/Nolan!Verse Batman: Clark/Bruce, Lois/Bruce

Suits: Harvey/Mike, Donna/Rachel

Elementary: Joan/Sherlock

XMFC: Charles/Erik, Hank/Raven, Alex/Darwin, Alex/Hank

NCIS: Tony/Gibbs, Abby/McGee

HP: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione, Remus/Sirius, James/Lily

Gilmore Girls: Rory/Jess, Luke/Lorelai

Chronicles of Narnia: Peter/Caspian

OTH: Brooke/Lucas, Nathan/Haley, Jake/Peyton, Brooke/Rachel, Brooke/Peyton

Sherlock Holmes (BBC & movie-verse) Holmes/Watson

Star Trek XI: Kirk/Spock, McCoy/Uhura, Uhura/Gaila

I mod a Clark/Oliver community, [community profile] unforeseen_love.

I co-mod [community profile] iconic_cousins.

Friending Policy:

I don't have one, besides that if you friend me, I want to know about. Drop me a private message or a comment in one my public posts. I would prefer we have stuff in common. Just a warning in advance: if you bash what I love, I will not hesitate to not add you/remove you later. I want fandom to be a fun place and while I enjoy a bit of debate, I don't like seeing hate on my flist. :)

I'm a friendly person and pretty easy going so if you're nice to me and my friends, I'm sure we'll be fine! :D


My layout was made by [community profile] circa77.
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