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Okay, since I forgot to post yesterday, here are the final two days of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme.

Day 29: Your favorite of all the relationships you've posted so far

This was a hard one, since I love so many of the pairings I picked but I would have to go with Day 2, my favorite slash pairing, which was Clark/Oliver. I've had my ups and downs with this ship, mostly because of my feelings for the individual characters but I've never been able to get away from them. I came to fandom for them, I found LJ because of them, my first fanfic was with them ... they're a slash ship that is never gong to happen, and not even all that popular but that doesn't change the fact that I love them and will always have a soft spot for them in my heart.

Day 30: Free choice

Free choice? Well, I guess I will go with my favorite cousins to finish off this meme: Chloe & Lois (Smallville).

Aren't they adorable? Yes, I still love their relationship and am quite excited that Chloe is Lois's maid of honor. I've loved them since I first saw them interact in season 4. Sure their relationship has had some problems but they do love each other and though I wish they had more scenes together, they've had a lot of good, memorable moments. :D

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day 28!

Feb. 21st, 2011 10:58 pm
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It's Day 28 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme.

Day 28: A pairing people would be surprised you like

Outside of Smallville, I don't think I really talk about my ships. I know people always seem surprised when they find out I ship Harry/Draco from Harry Potter. This time I'm going with a pairing/show that I don't talk about much but I do ship: Brooke/Rachel (One Tree Hill).

I don't talk about f/f ships, much less ones in One Tree Hill. The ones I do talk about are probably Naley and Brucas, but I also have a soft spot for Brooke/Rachel. NGL, Rachel was the character I loved to hate and I definitely wasn't a fan when she tried to go after Nathan in s4, but she grew on me because of Brooke. Their relationship was interesting, to say the least. I love how said relationship developed from s3 onwards, and how Rachel actually became a really good friend to Brooke (I know things happened in later seasons but I'm ignoring that because I didn't see it). They have a lot of chemistry and would definitely be hot together.

It's a shame there isn't much fic out there. I saw a fun vid on YT, which is set to the song "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne. It has a Peyton/Brooke/Rachel triangle and is set in Rachel's POV. If you're interested, check it out here. Also, if any people ship this awesome pairing and have recs, I would appreciate them.

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day 27! :)

Feb. 20th, 2011 11:28 pm
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It's Day 27 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme! :D

Day 27: Pairing you think is the most adorable

I think most of my ships are adorable! Especially ships like Abby/McGee, Ron/Hermione, and Chloe/Bart. I stuck with Smallville but went in a different direction: Chloe/Oliver.

Yes, I know, a lot of people are not a fan but I can't help it. I love them. I never really thought of them in s6. My head was too caught up with Clark/Ollie. My first exposure to them was with [profile] kdsch123's fics and I just really began to love the idea. I thought they'd be a good side to Clark/Lois. Unfortunately, most other fics involved the bashing of Clark and/or Lois or unnecessary Clark/Chloe/Ollie triangles. Not to mention that I thought once Ollie left in 'Justice', he was gone for good. So I didn't really grow to love it as much as I do until writers like [profile] sarcastic_fina came along and won me over once more. S8 was when they really began to have scenes together and my love kept expanding.

What I like about them is that they're very cute (the pretty blonde couple! ♥) and they match each other intellectually. I like that they're willing to tell each other when they've gone too far (Chloe in 'Requiem' and s9 and Ollie in second half of s8). Neither of them are perfect and both of them lost themselves for a while but they also saved each other.

I honestly never thought I'd see them together but I'm happy that I was wrong. They've been cute in the episodes that Chloe has been back and I love how Ollie is totally the girl in the relationship. Cracks me up. I hope the writers don't screw them up!

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day 26! :)

Feb. 19th, 2011 11:09 pm
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It's Day 26 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. Almost reaching the end here. :D

Day 26: Favorite childhood pairing

I already listed Kim/Tommy in a previous day so I will pick another. I have a few that I loved, such as Zack/Kelly (SBTB) and Sabrina/Harvey (Sabrina The Teenage Witch) but I'm going with another ship that I truly adored: Cory/Topanga (Boy Meets World).

They were so adorable! I loved crazy Topanga who liked to do her own thing better than when she got older but these two were still very sweet. I have to say though, that was one show that kept retconning its own history. Never thought about it at the time but now that I do, it makes me laugh. I'm glad they got married and got their happily ever after. :)

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I know, I haven't posted my SV review yet. That's because I haven't seen it. We had guests tonight and while initially I was going to watch it while they were here (it's really casual; just one family), I wanted to watch my show in peace so I recorded it. I will probably watch it tomorrow. So please don't spoil me until I post my review? Thanks!

Also, I forgot to post my 30 Day Meme yesterday so here's days 24 and 24.

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day 23! :)

Feb. 16th, 2011 11:36 pm
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Back to my 30 Day Meme! :D

Day 23: An unpopular pairing that you like

Hmm ... I am not sure if I have any truly "unpopular" ships. I mean, Chlollie seems to get a lot of flack but even still, I think it has enough followers. The only one that I sorta ship that I consider unpopular is Lorelai/Christopher (Gilmore Girls).

I'm a total Lorelai/Luke shipper but I have a soft spot for these two. Yes, Christopher isn't exactly the perfect person but let's face it: who is? Honestly, I think they have chemistry and they've had some fun scenes. I wasn't thrilled with their marriage in season 7 but they won me over. Luke was being an unreasonable jackass in season 6 and while I was still hoping L/L would be endgame, I was sad that they had to destroy the L/C relationship to get there.

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day 22! :)

Feb. 15th, 2011 10:25 pm
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All right, it's Day 22 of the 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme.

Day 22: A pairing that a lot of people ship, but you don’t

Wow, I have to pick just one? There are many popular ships that I am not a fan of, such as Lucas/Peyton, Jack/Elizabeth, Kirk/McCoy, Harry/Snape, and Snape/Lily. But I went in a different direction and chose a ship that a lot of people seem to be into: Clark/Tess.

I love Clark and I love Tess, but just not together. It seems that a lot of people who like both characters also tend to ship them together. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the vibe I get. Yes, they have chemistry, more than say, Oliver/Tess (this is only my opinion), but IDK. I just can't see it. Even the much talked about kiss in 'Luthor', between AU Clark and RW Tess didn't impress me much. The only thing hot about that kiss was AU Clark. I give Cassidy props for managing to convey her internal struggle through a very short period of time but I honestly didn't think the kiss was all that special. *shrugs* I've just seen better.

Honestly, my favorite Clark/Tess scene was the last one, when he was apologizing and comforting her (which is why I chose that picture to post). I was really worried that the revelation that she's a Luthor would ruin everything between them and I was relieved when it didn't. Friendship scenes make me happy. Anything more? Not interested. No offense to people who ship them; I'm just stating how I feel. Just saying how I feel. Ironically, I'd so be into some Clark/Lois/Tess, because yeah, that'd be hot. Just Lois has to be in the mix, lol.

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day 21! :)

Feb. 14th, 2011 11:28 pm
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It's day 21 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme.

Day 21: A pairing you think gets too little attention

Oh man, I have a lot of ships like that, including my SV OTP, Clark/Ollie. Those two seriously don't get enough love. Even my f/f OTP, Lois/Tess falls into that category (more than Clark/Ollie). But I'm not repeating days, which is why I picked Charlie/Amita (Numb3rs).

Numb3rs fandom is pretty small but there seems to be lack of Charlie/Amita, which makes me sad, because I really do think they're adorable. My dad and sister got me hooked onto the show and IDK, I was just drawn to them. I felt they had chemistry and I liked their relationship and where they finally ended up. At the very least, they ended up together, which makes me happy. Still, finding fic would be nice, since they're no longer on my screen.

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day 20!

Feb. 13th, 2011 10:49 pm
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I swear, I will switch up the posts soon but for now, it's Day 20 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. :)

Day 20: A pairing you like, but don't like what canon did/is doing with them

There are many ships that I love and was frustrated at how canon treated them. For instance, Brooke/Lucas, Jake/Peyton, Will/Elizabeth, Lorelai/Luke, and Lex/Lana, but I didn't choose any of them. I went in a different direction: Rory/Jess (Gilmore Girls).

Unpopular opinion: I love Jess Mariano. I think he's fabulous and not just because of the whole bad boy thing. I usually actually lean toward the nice heroic boy (e.g. Clark Kent, Harry Potter), but I really liked Jess, because yes, he was a rebel and he could be an ass but he was smart. He loved to read! That's why I liked Belle growing up and it's what drew me to him. Books were the love that he and Rory shared and it's such a huge part of her life that this connection really meant something.

What I also love about Jess is that he matured. I love that Rory believed in Jess and thought he could do more. Then, when Rory was at a low point in her life, he came back and was the one person who got through to her. Yet canon really screwed up this ship that I love. Honestly, they had some great scenes when they were together but their scenes were so much more fun when they weren't. He left when they were on bad terms, and then when he finally came back, it resulted in him telling her he loved her and running away.

He came back again and asked her to run away with him. WTF? Jess knows Rory; he should've realized that she would never leave Yale and do that. They redeemed themselves in my eyes with Jess coming back, having written a book, and sending Rory back on the right path. But they had her go to Philadelphia to see him, resulting in a kiss, where Rory ended up declaring her love for Logan. Don't get me wrong; Logan grew on me and I ended up liking him with Rory, but the fact they had her use Jess to get back at Logan never sat well with me. To have that be their last interaction broke my heart. :( [Though I like to imagine that they reconnected at Luke & Lorelai's wedding and ended up together but that's another story]

If there are any Literati fans on my flist, you should see these two amazing R/J vids on YouTube: Another Heart Calls and Breathe Again. Both are stunning and perfect. Make sure to leave the vidders lots of love and comments!

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day 19!

Feb. 12th, 2011 11:40 pm
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Now, it's day 19 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme! :D

Day 19: Favorite band of villains

This was actually a hard one for me, because I couldn't think of a group of villains. Individual villains, sure, but not a group. Well, at first anyway. I don't know if this counts but oh well: Voldemort and the death eaters (Harry Potter). And LOL that sounds like a band name! :D

They're evil and scary. Not to mention insane. Exactly what villains should be. They also make for very interesting characters. I enjoy read and watching the dynamics between this group. The casting in the movies was also good, especially Voldemort and Bellatrix. JKR created strong heroes but also very strong villains.

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day 18! :)

Feb. 11th, 2011 11:39 pm
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It's still Friday over here so I made it! Barely but that's not the point. It's Day 18 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. :D

Day 18: Favorite nakama/group of friends (four or more people)

Yeah, I'm going to be obvious with this one but IMO, there really wasn't any other choice. So I'm going with the the cast of Friends. :D (Unrelated icon is unrelated but sadly, I don't have any Friends ones)

I just love them all. They were such a fun group and they had a great dynamic. I really loved all 6 of them. I loved how unique and different each one was. It's seriously one show that I will never get tired of. I can watch clips and it will still make me laugh. I don't think I will ever tire of it (and them). :D

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day 17!

Feb. 10th, 2011 08:35 pm
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It's Day 17 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme! :D

Day 17: Favorite canon pairing

I have many canon ships! The obvious one is Clois but since I put them on Day 2, I want to go with something else. So I went with a canon ship that is another ship that I know is still together and will never break up: Nathan/Haley (OTH).

These two are so adorable! I remember that they always used to make me smile. I love how they're total opposites but they work. I like how he worked to be a better person for her and how he gets her to loosen up. Yes, they've had their share of problems and I'm sure the whole 'a woman is trying to break up Naley and fails' plot is overused but the point is that they make it through. Plus, I haven't seen much of the newer seasons but Jamie is probably one of the cutest kids ever. What a lovely family they make! I'm glad that they stayed together.

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day 16!

Feb. 9th, 2011 10:52 pm
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It's Day 16 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme! :)

Day 16: Pairing with the best chemistry

Just one? How am I supposed to choose? I do feel that chemistry is subjective though. Which is my explanation at how certain groups of people see chemistry between two people and others don't. I'm not going to pick one of the ships I've already used so and some I considered I want to save for other days. That's how I went with Kirk/Spock (Star Trek reboot).

They may not have had that many scenes in the movie, but the ones they had were full of tension and chemistry. I love their dynamic and they had my attention from the academic hearing. The moment where Spock says that he would quote protocol but he knows Kirk would only ignore it and Kirk is all, "see, we're getting to know each other better already" (or something like that) and slaps him in the arm? Kills me every time! This ship is just full of potential and that's one of the reasons I love it. I can't wait for the sequel and I'm hoping we will get tons of good moments there. :)

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day 15!

Feb. 8th, 2011 10:43 pm
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It's Day 15 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme!

Day 15: Favorite non-canon pairing

Just one? I have so many ships that aren't canon though. The obvious answer would be 'Clark/Oliver' but I'm trying to put different answers for each day, which is why I am going with something else. Almost all of my het ships happened at one point or another (whether they stayed together was a different story, of course) so I'm going with a slash pairing: Holmes/Watson (Sherlock Holmes).

I didn't know what to expect when I first saw this movie but I certainly didn't predict that I'd begin shipping these two. RDJ and Jude Law have amazing chemistry and I love the dynamic of their characters. Holmes obviously has an unhealthy attachment to Watson, which makes for many interesting scenes. One thing is for sure: I'm very excited for the sequel. :D

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day 14! :)

Feb. 7th, 2011 10:20 pm
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Another day of my 30 Day Meme! :)

Day 14: Your most recent pairing

I started shipping a few pairs last year but I'm not sure the last one. So I went with a cute ship: Rapunzel/Flynn Ryder (Tangled). :D

I really loved Tangled. It was absolutely adorable. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first heard about it, but it ended up being really awesome. All the good guys were awesome and there was great sidekicks, as usual. I enjoyed some of the songs. It was an interesting twist to the story that we all know and it worked out really well.

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day 13!

Feb. 6th, 2011 11:15 pm
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It's still Sunday here so I made it! Most of my day got taken up by the Superbowl (the Packers won! Yay!), which explains the late posting. But here's Day 13 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme!

Day 13: Your first pairing

I had many ships when I was a kid, though I didn't know I was 'shipping' back then. I use to love Zack/Kelly from Saved by the Bell and Cory/Topanga from Boy Meets World. Loved Serena/Darien from Sailor Moon too. But my very first ship? Was not any of those. Nope, it was: Kim/Tommy (Power Rangers).

I loved these two so much! They were absolutely adorable and I had such a crush on Tommy. I was so heartbroken when the actress who played Kim left the show and when she dumped him through a letter? Devastated. I totally hated on Kat when she hooked up with Tommy and I stopped watching the show. Yes, even as a child, I was very opinionated. :D

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day 12!

Feb. 5th, 2011 10:27 pm
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It's still Saturday here (a little over an hour) so I made it!

Day 12: Favorite Person and Animal Companion Relationship

Not many characters have pets so I have limited options. I debated going with Harry & Hedwig, because I loved that owl. I even wanted a snowy white owl. But I went with the obvious answer instead: Clark & Shelby (Smallville).

I love that dog. He's just so adorable and I wish we saw him more. Not to mention that he totally saved Clark's life in 'Labyrinth', which was all kinds of awesome. I especially like him in scenes with Lois & Clark. Those are the best.

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day 11

Feb. 4th, 2011 05:36 pm
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Since I have another 2 hours until Smallville airs here (sometimes, it sucks being on PST), I figured I will update my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. It's Day 11.

Day 11: An "OT3" or threesome

I don't ship many threesomes because I always end up preferring one pairing over the rest or having a problem with one of the three couples. But there is one threesome that I absolutely adore, where I love all the individual ships and can just imagine working: Clark/Lois/Oliver (Smallville).

First of all, LOOK at them. Isn't that just hotness overload? Even when they're sad and one of them is unconscious, they're still stunning. I love their dynamic and wish we had more scenes with the three of them. I totally would've been all for that movie night in 'Hydro'. I like how they relate to each other and I can see this threesome working out. It would totally take two men to handle Lois and she could totally manage both Clark and Ollie. It's a shame that this OT3 doesn't get much love in fandom; I would totally read fic for it. PS If you haven't read monimala's Black Tie Affair, you're missing out on some serious hotness.

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day 10

Feb. 3rd, 2011 11:05 pm
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I promise, I'll post something else soon but for now, here's Day 10 of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. :)

Day 10: Least favorite pairing

There are so many pairings I dislike, some canon and many fanon so deciding on just one ship is difficult. NGL, I considered Clark/Lana but at least they had some cute moments. So I decided to go with a ship I never liked: Joey/Rachel (Friends).

I'm sure I've talked about my dislike for this ship before, though not much. I didn't like this ship from the moment I realized they were heading in that direction. It was really unnecessary and they were completely wrong for one another. They didn't have any chemistry either. Everyone knew Ross & Rachel were going to end up together so the romance was pointless as well. I cheered when they split up.

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day 9

Feb. 2nd, 2011 08:11 pm
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Another day of my 30 Day Multi Fandom Meme. I hope I'm not boring you all yet, lol. :D

Day 09: Favorite family unit (four or more people)

I went through a few ideas, from the team on NCIS to Tess/Ollie/Clark/Lois to even the Pevensies and the Weasleys but I finally decided to go in a different direction. I chose my favorite book and the family in it: The March family (Little Women).

While their father has to go fight in the war, the women are left to take care of themselves and each other. They're all so strong and amazing in their own way. I like their relationship and how they do have problems. It's very realistic, and beautiful. I swear, I've read this book so many times and while I'm always disappointed that Jo & Laurie don't end up together, I do like the sisters and their mother. :D

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