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I watched the new episode of Elementary on Thursday and meant to post my thoughts earlier but forgot. Better late than never? Still liking the show though! It's a fun one, and the case was a bit more complicated this week, which I approve of. I do think the plots are getting better. And we got more background! I like that while Joan and Sherlock have come so far, they still have a ways to go and how Sherlock is still closed off. It makes things interesting, especially as we get closer to the six week mark and Joan's job being up. And we got an Irene Adler mention!

I remember after seeing the first episode and Joan realizing there was a woman in London, I did wonder if it was Irene. Pretty sure I posted that thought too. And now there's confirmation! I had a feeling they would find a way to bring her in, even though I thought it would be a bit later in the show. I doubt we'll get too many facts. I wonder if she'll show up in the mid season or season finale to spice things up.

Anyway, I'm more invested in the characters, like I've always said, so it was good to see some of Sherlock's past, and more of his problems with his father. I also like that the person Sherlock asked to fool Joan ended up being his actual friend, and how Joan deduced that. Joan's really improving on her skills, and I like her pointing out the part about the IV to Sherlock. Speaking of the friend, he was an interesting one and it was good how he pointed out to Joan that she can't expect Sherlock's friendship to be just like she's used to, because really, he's not like what he's used to, but it was nice that he realized she genuinely cares and wants to help him. Those two would be quite a handful for Sherlock if they ever teamed up, lol.

I like that Sherlock's observation skills have downsides too, and how we've seen that in the for of what happened when Joan developed some and scared away that guy. Now his admission about his fear of flights. It makes him more human, which is a good thing. It makes him more layered and interesting and likable too! Of course he has his douchey moments- setting up Joan- but overall, he's not that bad. I don't have to say how much I love Joan. It should be implied by now.

Looking forward to the new show and see how they deal with the Irene mention!

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it's been a few days. Feel free to share your thoughts! :D
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