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Suits! I really missed this show, and I know it was back last week. I did mean to post my thoughts on the first episode too, because I did see it live. I just kept forgetting/procrastinating on it and I figured I can just add my thoughts on both episodes here!

spoilers this way )

Wow, that was a long rambling mess and I'm sure I still missed a bunch of stuff. I promise I will try to have the post more put together next week. If you read it, kudos, and as always, you're all welcome to share your thoughts. I would love to hear them!
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I still need to watch the Suits season finale (though I have spoiled myself already for parts of it, like the end), as I chose to watch Elementary live on Thursday night. And I figured I'd just split it up into two posts. my thoughts )

I'm probably missing things but oh well. Feel free to share your own thoughts! I always love to hear them. :D
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So, both my shows air at the same day/same time, so I watch one live and I watch the other one on the OnDemand, and now that I've seen the new episodes for both, I figured I'd just make one post to share my thoughts. :)

Elementary's first! may include spoilers from past episodes )

And next up, is Suits! I'm so sad there's only one episode left in the season. I need more! spoilers & thoughts this way )

That's all from me. If you have any thoughts about either show, feel free to share them! I love hearing what you guys thought too.
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So I'm not completely caught up, as I missed last week's episode and the one that aired on Dec 6th (I watched the one that aired on Dec 13th earlier today), but I decided to watch the new episode tonight anyway so I wouldn't fall any more behind than I already am.

my thoughts )

So I am missing a whole bunch of things but I don't have anything intelligent to add for the moment. I am always willing to discuss in the comments so feel free to add your own thoughts!
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I watched the new episode of Elementary on Thursday and meant to post my thoughts earlier but forgot. Better late than never? spoilers )

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it's been a few days. Feel free to share your thoughts! :D
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Thanks to [profile] bajoransmurf and [profile] lee_ashburn for the vgifts! I do love cookies, lol. ♥♥♥ :D

I missed Elementary last week but I managed to see the episode on Wednesday, before watching the new one this week yesterday. Here are my thoughts on both.

spoilers )

Anyway, yeah, those are my thoughts. Not too deep but hey, they're there. If you want to share your own, feel free! :D
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Late to the party, but I finally watched the pilot of Arrow [1 down, two to go after tonight's episode airs] on Hulu and btw, if anyone hasn't seen it and is interested, it's available to everyone, not just paid members, and here are my thoughts. spoilers for the first episode )

I'm probably forgetting something but I don't think I have anything to add at the moment, and I have rambled on long enough.

Feel free to share your thoughts! I know a bunch of you have posted your thoughts on this episode a while ago so if you'd like to link me to them, please do. :D
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I watched the third episode of Elemnentary tonight. My dad still likes the show too so he's happy to watch it with me. It's nice having company. spoilers )

So yeah, those are my thoughts. It's not very detailed but I need to work on writing episode reviews again. For now, I just go on for a bit on what I like.

As always, feel free to share your own thoughts! I always am interested in hearing from you all. :D
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So I finally watched the second episode of Elementary. My dad likes this show so he was willing to watch it with me. spoilers this way )

What did the rest of you think? Any thoughts/comments are welcome. Also, does this show have a fandom yet? I used to be able to search things using the interests, but now LJ is being a pain in the ass and it isn't working. So any fic/vid/comm recs would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

On an unrelated note, Arrow isn't on my On Demand. Comcast and CW- you both fail, so I'll have to find another way to watch that. At least I'll know that this is one show I might have to make sure I don't miss live. :\
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So I saw the Pilot of Elementary last night. spoilers )

Anyone else watch? What did you all think?
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I have been equally dreading and looking forward to this day and it's here. Not only is it here but it's over. Smallville is done. This is the last SV episode review I'll ever write. Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect with the finale but I've been crossing my fingers that they'll give us a great send off. Tom Welling praised it and while actors don't speak ill of their own shows, I trust him more than most people.

Before it aired here on the west coast, people who had seen it were telling me how much I'd love it so I grew more excited. So I watched, both emotional yet completed anticipating what was to come.

my thoughts )
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Another Friday, another new Smallville. This is the last episode before the series finale. Wow. That's really crazy, isn't it? Very overwhelming, at least for me. I can't believe the show is actually ending! Anyway, I had my doubts about this episode, like I have when I heard about the previous ones, but I was hoping it'd be better than it sounded. So I kept my fingers crossed when I watched.

my thoughts )
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New Smallville this week. Not only does this episode mark Oliver's return, it is also Justin Hartley's directorial debut. I had mixed feelings on the episode prior to watching it, because much like 'Booster', it felt like it was centered not on Clark and considering we only have a few episodes left, that doesn't make me happy.

Anyway, of course I watched it and here are my thoughts.

spoilers abound )
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It's Friday, which means there's new Smallville! NGL, I'm kind of sad because with every new episode, we get one step closer to the end. I think I need to be alone in the house when the finale airs, so I can cry, because I'm pretty sure I will. Support group anyone? LOL

Anyway, this episode looked cracktastic from the trailers and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I figured it'd be pretty awful and kept my expectations low.

my thoughts )
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This particular hiatus seemed to go on forever, but finally, Smallville is back. It's the beginning of the end, which kind of breaks my heart, but it had to happen sometime, right? Anyway, though I was happy to have the show back, I was not looking forward to this episode at all. Sometimes, it's good to keep your expectations low.

my thoughts )
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All right, it's Friday and that means Smallville. This is the last episode before we go into hiatus until April 15th.

my thoughts )
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It's Friday and it's Smallville day! The trailers made this episode seem like pure crack and there were parts that seemed hilarious but I couldn't help but worry anyway. The last time I felt this way was probably 'Hex' and that ended up being a success. I actually wanted to be spoiled for this one but I was getting my hair cut when it was airing during in the east coast. It's hard finding SV spoilers without going into the Smallville tag on Twitter but I found out enough to make me believe it'd be okay. So I watched.

my thoughts )
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Okay, I finally saw the new episode of Smallville. Here are my thoughts.

spoilers here )
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It's Friday and that means a new Smallville! On a side note, I'm sure you've all heard the ... news by now. I was one of the few people who didn't need it but nonetheless, it's quite exciting. Anyway, on to tonight's episode!

my thoughts )
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Smallville has returned at last! We had to wait an extra week for this particular episode but I was just happy to get the show back. I missed seeing Clois on my TV. Here are my thoughts.

spoilers here )


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