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I still need to watch the Suits season finale (though I have spoiled myself already for parts of it, like the end), as I chose to watch Elementary live on Thursday night. And I figured I'd just split it up into two posts. my thoughts )

I'm probably missing things but oh well. Feel free to share your own thoughts! I always love to hear them. :D
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So, both my shows air at the same day/same time, so I watch one live and I watch the other one on the OnDemand, and now that I've seen the new episodes for both, I figured I'd just make one post to share my thoughts. :)

Elementary's first! may include spoilers from past episodes )

And next up, is Suits! I'm so sad there's only one episode left in the season. I need more! spoilers & thoughts this way )

That's all from me. If you have any thoughts about either show, feel free to share them! I love hearing what you guys thought too.
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So I'm not completely caught up, as I missed last week's episode and the one that aired on Dec 6th (I watched the one that aired on Dec 13th earlier today), but I decided to watch the new episode tonight anyway so I wouldn't fall any more behind than I already am.

my thoughts )

So I am missing a whole bunch of things but I don't have anything intelligent to add for the moment. I am always willing to discuss in the comments so feel free to add your own thoughts!
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I watched the new episode of Elementary on Thursday and meant to post my thoughts earlier but forgot. Better late than never? spoilers )

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but it's been a few days. Feel free to share your thoughts! :D
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Thanks to [profile] bajoransmurf and [profile] lee_ashburn for the vgifts! I do love cookies, lol. ♥♥♥ :D

I missed Elementary last week but I managed to see the episode on Wednesday, before watching the new one this week yesterday. Here are my thoughts on both.

spoilers )

Anyway, yeah, those are my thoughts. Not too deep but hey, they're there. If you want to share your own, feel free! :D
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I watched the third episode of Elemnentary tonight. My dad still likes the show too so he's happy to watch it with me. It's nice having company. spoilers )

So yeah, those are my thoughts. It's not very detailed but I need to work on writing episode reviews again. For now, I just go on for a bit on what I like.

As always, feel free to share your own thoughts! I always am interested in hearing from you all. :D
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So I finally watched the second episode of Elementary. My dad likes this show so he was willing to watch it with me. spoilers this way )

What did the rest of you think? Any thoughts/comments are welcome. Also, does this show have a fandom yet? I used to be able to search things using the interests, but now LJ is being a pain in the ass and it isn't working. So any fic/vid/comm recs would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

On an unrelated note, Arrow isn't on my On Demand. Comcast and CW- you both fail, so I'll have to find another way to watch that. At least I'll know that this is one show I might have to make sure I don't miss live. :\
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So I saw the Pilot of Elementary last night. spoilers )

Anyone else watch? What did you all think?


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